About The Club

We have been teaching martial arts in Derby to the highest standard since 1974.

The club is run by Rajko Dokic who has a history as a prolific tournament fighter and is highly regarding as one of the leading figures in the British Kung Fu Association.

Our instructors include Guardians of the Lau Gar kung fu style and successful competition fighters. They are highly passionate and knowledgeable about martial arts. We are constantly staying up to date with the evolution of martial arts training. So rest assured that your tuition will be of the highest possible standard.

We teach three styles of martial arts at our club.

  Lau Gar Kung Fu
  Self Defence (or the chinese name Gee Wai Schu)

We offer children only kickboxing classes, but older children are fine to attend classes in other styles. You are also welcome to come along and train with your children in the same lesson.

Kung Fu

  A rounded martial art where you can choose your own focus
  Traditional Sets
  At higher grades weapon training is given, including Bo staff and broad sword.
  Sparring in a safe environment. Also learning how the body works to perform locks, throws and grappling.


  Streamlined subset of striking moves from martial arts
  Shorter Sylabus can make it ideal for children
  High focus on fitness
  High focus on sport based sparring that is also applicable as self defence.

Self Defence

  Short Sylabus of highly effective moves
  Practical self defence
  Includes locks, throws and grappling.

Further Information

The best way to learn more is to come along and talk to our instructors or try a lesson.

But if you would like to read more about the Lau Gar style of martial arts please visit our associations website, British Kung Fu Association.